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Bentley View CE

We the user base demand that Bentley release and continue to release Bentley View.  

It is a very powerful tool.  In some cases the users will make this their default application for DGN & DWG.  Senior managers are encouraged to use it, so they do not screw up the data.

It is IMPORTANT to the users to have this and we need a CE version, more so for ACAD 2018+ support

Please VOTE..


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  • I've seen that, but they get intel from Design Review (DWF) with pages layout just like Adobe (PDF). Apart from that they can view Revit (RVT) which for now we can't. So some face-lift we could used from Bentey. Maybe get advantage from some layout design from Navigator? And like Autodesk, we could use a web viewer. Something that's already been asked, but so far no news.

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