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Bentley View CE

We the user base demand that Bentley release and continue to release Bentley View.  

It is a very powerful tool.  In some cases the users will make this their default application for DGN & DWG.  Senior managers are encouraged to use it, so they do not screw up the data.

It is IMPORTANT to the users to have this and we need a CE version, more so for ACAD 2018+ support

Please VOTE..


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    In addition to viewing 3D models, you can use Bentley View as a free CAD viewer with tools to search for objects, measure distances and areas accurately, and print drawings to scale with full fidelity, on every desktop, for free.

    iWare is free software that extends Bentley’s products and services to support unprecedented information mobility.

    Starting with connection client integration these it now asks to associate user to existing organization. Technically free but requires too many steps in reality. Way to go if like to scare new customers away from using Bentley products with too much bureaucracy.