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over 1 year ago

The following Enhancement has previously been raised for this.

Enhancement 1103060:Request Model Viewer with Read/Write Features

Upgrade "Bentley Connect View" To Inherit Navigator V8i Functions

HI ,

Navigator V8i is on it's way to be unsupported by end of this year.
The next generation design view tool are "PlantSight" and "iTwin Desing Rewiew", both lacking support for a offline model viewing without internet.
"Navigator Connect Update 10 " was looked as extension of Navigator V8i but sounds like it is now discontinued.

There are four Basic Requirement for a Design Review Tool, out of which two are already fulfilled by "Bentley View Connect", it would be really powerful tool if other were upgraded as well.
And "Bentley Connect View" is the only tool which support a file based interface and not cloud based.
As of today's date not a single tool from Bentley product can fulfil below requirement which Navigator V8i can handle with great ease.

  • Opening File as Read/Write [Required to be upgraded in Bentley Connect View]
  • Create Clip Volume.[Already supported in Bentley Connect View]
  • Save clip volume and saved views ,not just create it [Required to be upgraded in Bentley Connect View]
  • Able to upend new references.[Required to be upgraded in Bentley Connect View]
  • Offline Model Viewing.[Already supported in Bentley Connect View]


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