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over 3 years ago

View Fit to specific reference

I would really like to see an option in the Fit View tools to Fit a view to a specific reference. This could be accomplished through a key-in option (something like FIT VIEW REFERENCE {logical]) or a tool setting like "Use References Dialog List".

This could be REALLY helpful for those cases where a reference is attached, and it shows up miles and miles away form the project location. Instead of having to zoom very far out to try to select the correct clump of pixels to drag back to the original file, we could just FIT REFERENCE BCD right to it.

It could also be useful when in a drawing composed of a number of references, to locate just the area of interest for one of those files. On a large site project, perhaps I just want to see the improvements to Campground One. I could FIT REFERENCE Camp1 and see exactly what I want.

I know some of this can be managed with Saved views - but only if the view is saved ahead of time. In the case of the file attached to a far-off location, Saved Views will not help us. And for zooming into a smaller view of the project, this FIT REFERENCE could be used to help set up the saved views for later. I think it would be a nice enhancement.

Thank You.

  • This might be an okay workaround until Bentley makes something better...

    displayset set selection; fit view extended; displayset clear

    It should work with references, and any other selection group you may have.  Downside being it wont work if you have an active display set already.

  • Enhancement 922147 has been filed. Thanks for the details!



  • Good idea. It's often the case that references are located several hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away from the project location. I never understood why there's no option to just drop them where you want like you can do with raster files.

  • Great idea. I have always thought that there should be some intelligence when attaching references that Microstation should warn that reference is too far from active file and provide some option to change attachment method.