Civil Tools for MicroStation V8 2004 Edition

Last revised: April 6, 2006


Civil/Site Tools ( is an MDL application designed for Surveying and Civil/Site users.

Installation Instructions should be copied into the..\mdlapps\folder.

To load CivTools

Key in:MDL LOAD CIVTOOLSfrom the Key-in Browser


from Utilities > MDL Applications > Browse, select CivTools

The Civil/Site Tools palette displays.

Place contours

Used to place 3D line-string or curve-strings that represent contours. Turn on the Planar option to place contours. If the Planar option is off, you can key in different elevations for each datapoint to allow breaklines to be easily defined.

Label contour

Allows you to label contours individually or in groups. You can label groups by striking a line across all the elements to be labeled. Only contours on major or minor contour levels (as defined in the CivTools parameters) are processed.

Place coordinate

Allows you to place a coordinate marker with the Northing and Easting coordinates (and optionally the elevation) of an identified point.

Modify contour

Allows you to modify contour vertices without modifying the vertices' elevation.

Set element elevation

Enables you to set Z value for all vertices of a line-string, curve-string, or complex-string to a specified value.

Place a spot elevation

Enables you to place text and an optional marker to marker elevation. The elevation can either be keyed in, or taken from the datapoint elevation.

Set parameter

Allows you to set the level, symbology, and size of the all the elements placed using the Civil/Site tools.