MDF to XML Utility

Last revised: April 22, 2009


MDF2XML.exe is a utility that converts BarMenu MDF files to XML format, which can then be imported to a MicroStation V8i or MicroStation V8 XM Edition DGNLib and then used as a custom menu in base MicroStation.

Installation Instructions

MDF2XML.exe, MDF2XML.hta, BentleyB.ico, andBrowse.icoshould all be copied into a folder that you can access from your computer.

To run MDF2XML

Open a DOS Command Shell, change directory to the folder that contains MDF2XML.exe and then key in:MDF2XML <mdfFile>, where <mdfFile> is an existing and valid MDF file.


from Windows Explorer, selectMDF2XML.hta, choose an existing and valid MDF file, and click Convert.

NOTE: the MDF file should be on your local computer harddisk.

Once the conversion is done, the resulting XML file can now be imported into a MicroStation DGNLib that is referenced by the variable MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST. To import the XML file, choose Workspace > Customize and then File > Import XML... from the Customize dialog. After the XML file is successfully imported into the DGNLib, the original MDF menu items will be added to MicroStation's main menu. For more information on this topic, see 'To import template, custom tool, and custom menu data from an XML file' in MicroStation's help file (Help > Contents).