Cell Counter for MicroStation V8

Last revised: April 4, 2002


Cell Counter is a utility that provides the ability to summarize the cells that are in your design in a number of ways.

Installation Instructions

PlaceCellCounter.main the..\mdlapps\folder.

To run CellCounter

Key in:MDL LOAD CellCounterfrom the Key-in Browser


from Utilities > MDL Applications > Browse, select CellCounter

You are then presented with a dialog where you can specify the following criteria:

  • The types of cells to count
  • Whether you want to summarize the cells in your active model, all models, a selection set, or fence
  • Whether you want to include cells in reference attachments
  • How you want the output to be shown

New Features:

  • Choice of all models or active model in design file
  • Report dialog resizable
  • Report dialog columns sortable and resizable
  • Can copy from report dialog (multiple disjoint selection supported)
  • Handles nested reference files
  • Use tab character between fields in report file. This makes the file easier to bring into Excel if the cell names contain spaces.