• Submitting MicroStation plot files to plotting devices

    When using Bentley print drivers, you can print directly to the plotting device or print to file.  When printing to file, the following methods are available to submit the MicroStation plot File to the plotting device:

    1 – Copy command

    The most basic way to submit a plot file to the device is using the DOS COPY command.   Open a DOS command window and type the following:


    COPY /b <output plot file name> …

    • Thu, Jun 28 2012
  • Converting IPLOT settings files to MicroStation Print Styles

    MicroStation SS3 allows Print and Print Organizer to attach IPLOT design scripts for plotting.  This new feature opens the door for many InterPlot users to make the move to Print Organizer.  While Print/Print Organizer does not accept IPLOT settings files directly, MicroStation Print Styles contain most of the same functionality as IPLOT settings files.  The following technical note explains how to convert each section of…

    • Thu, Jun 28 2012
  • Printing Enhancements for MicroStation SS3

    The following features have been added to the printing system in MicroStation SS3:

    3D PDF Property Publishing 

    You can now publish non-graphical business items to a 3D PDF document. These business items appear as objects in Adobe Reader's Model Tree. For more information, see 3D Property Publishing.

    3D Content in PDF Files

    Users can now embed interactive 3D designs directly into PDF documents. Using Adobe Reader…

    • Wed, Jun 27 2012
  • What’s the difference between a Fixed Print Definition and a Variable Print Definition?

    The current release of Print Organizer in MicroStation Select Series 3 creates Fixed Print Definitions just like it always has.  However, you now have the option to create Variable Print Definitions.  The two types of Print Definitions are defined as follows:

    Fixed print definitions:

    Contains detailed information about the master model and views defined within the design file. When you create a Fixed print definition…

    • Tue, Jun 19 2012
  • MicroStation SS3 now allows the import/export of print styles

    With the release of Microstation SS3, ( or later), we now offer a way to import/export print styles from on DGN library or DGN file to another. This was added to aid users who have created print styles in DGN files thus finding their print styles trapped and usable only via that particular DGN file. Now you can move these print styles to whatever DGN file or DGNLIB file you need.

    The import/export commands are…

    • Tue, Jun 19 2012