• How to include the filename extension in the plot file name

    By default, when creating plot files using a MicroStation printer driver configuration file, only the name of the file is included when the plot file is generated.  There may be a situation where you would like to include the filename extension as well.

    To accomplish this, the printer driver configuration file must be edited to change the default value of the “File Name” entry in the “Default Print File Name” category…

    • Mon, Apr 15 2013
  • Preferences variables in Print Organizer

    Let’s say you desire the ability to set all of the Preferences in Print Organizer to the same values for all of your users.  You will need a listing of each of the MicroStation Printing variables associated with the Edit>Preferences option in Print Organizer.

    This information is documented in the Printing section of the MicroStation Help file.  Choose Help> Contents> Menus> File Menu> Print Organizer> Print…

    • Mon, Apr 15 2013
  • Using Pen Table Multi-Field Text Substitutions

    Typically when using the Text Substitution capability within a MicroStation Pen Table, only one replacement field is specified at a time.  In order to allow for more flexibility, multiple replacement fields can be specified all at once.  This is accomplished by using an adjusted “Actual” value in the Text Substitution menu which contains the fields you desire on each plot.  You would take the same approach with…

    • Mon, Apr 15 2013
  • How can I combine the path to the design file name, date and time file into a single string inside of a MicroStation pen table?

    By default a MicroStation pen table does not allow you to string variables together but via a named expression you can easily accomplish this.

    First open  .dgnlib file where you are going to store your named expression

    From the pull down menus select Utilities->Named Expressions

    Select the New icon

    Enter an “Internal Name” and an “External Name”.  For this example we will use the same name…

    • Wed, Apr 3 2013