Extra lines extending to the edge of the plot (that are not in the design file)

Have you ever plotted a file and notice a single line or lines that extend to the edge of the plot (known as zingers) that are not in the design file?

This behavior can be caused by a bad element or elements in the design file.  More than likely the end points of the element are corrupt.  Here are few things to try:

  • Isolate location of the bad element. Is it in the master file or reference file?
  • Make a copy of the file where the suspect bad element is located
  • Open file in MicroStation and enter the following key-in

mdl load verifydgn

verifydgn verify

Note if in the message center to you are getting errors similar to:

Verify ScanRange error: xlow=9223372036854775807 > xhigh=-9223372036854775808

  • Now in the key-in field enter:

verifydgn repair

  • run “verifydgn verify” once again and note if the ScanRange errors are still present.  If there are none, file should be fixed. 

If there is some remaining, enter the following in the key-in field:

mdl load fixrange

Once again run “verifydgn verify”.  Again check the message center for ScanRange errors.  If none, try plotting the file.

If the zingers are still on the plot, open the design file in MicroStation, fit the contents and place a fence block around the geometry.  Now do a “Copy Fence Contents to New File”.  Open the new file and try plotting.  More than likely the zingers and your “ScanRange” errors are gone.