Level and Reference overrides for Printing

MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 3) v08.11.09.292 and later provides a way to control level and reference output at print time. By default, both the Print and Print Organizer utilities output levels and references as they were last saved in the DGN file. Pen tables offer the capability to turn levels and references on or off, but you can now do this via the Print dialog or Print Organizer, allowing you to override what is saved in the DGN file.

To turn levels on or off via the print dialog, you can to do the following:

  1. File > Print > Settings > Print Levels/References
  2. Select the Levels tab
  3. Click the NEW button
  4. Double-click in the value field and select the respective name, or filter from the drop-down list, or type in a name, number, filter, or use a regular expression.
  5. To specify a reference as it applies to a level, double-click file/reference field and type in a file name, reference logical name, or use a regular expression.
  6. Double-click in the on/off column to turn on or off the respective level.

For references, you follow the same procedure as above -- select NEW, then double-click in the reference field, and type the filename, reference logical name or regular expression you want to turn on or off.

To set these options through Print Organizer, the Levels and References tabs are accessible through print styles option. The same tabs are accessible through Manually Specified Options via the Create Print Definitions dialog. These operate the same way as described with the Print dialogue above.

It should be noted that Level and Reference override entries defined in multiple print styles are not merged. If you apply a default print style and also a print style via a plot driver, the print style in the plot driver is what will be used since it is the last print style processed.

Clicking the Clear button on the Level and Reference tabs removes the respective level or reference definitions in the print style, ensuring that no level/reference overrides will be applied.