MicroStation SS3 now allows the import/export of print styles

With the release of Microstation SS3, ( or later), we now offer a way to import/export print styles from on DGN library or DGN file to another. This was added to aid users who have created print styles in DGN files thus finding their print styles trapped and usable only via that particular DGN file. Now you can move these print styles to whatever DGN file or DGNLIB file you need.

The import/export commands are only found from the Tools->define print styles dialogue box out of the print organizer dialogue or via Microstation Settings->print styles. From this dialogue box select the FILE pull down and from here you can select either import xml or export xml. You must first export and print styles before it would be available for importing to another DGN or DGNLIB file.

For example enter into a DGN file or DGNLIB file that has a print style defined. I need to import a print style to another DGN file or DGNLIB file which ever you need. Remember print styles will give you better control and accessibility to all users if they are stored in a DGNLIB file and located via the workspace variable MS_DGNLIBLIST. The first thing you will do is either access the print styles dialogue via print organizer or through Settings->print styles. From here do a TOOLS->DEFINE PRINT STYLES. Under the FILE pull down select EXPORT XML. This will call up the EXPORT PRINT STYLES box which will allow you to define a folder location on your network of where the exported XML file will be saved.

Once the print styles have been exported they can now be imported to either a DGN file or DGNLIB file depending on your circumstance. To Import in a print styles you do the same thing as exporting via FILE pull down but this time you do an IMPORT XML. You will need to locate the exported XML file select it then click open on the Import print styles dialogue. If you import a print style into a DGN or DGNLIB file and the print style name conflicts with an existing print style name the system will rename it to a unique name and display a message to the Message Center dialogue. To finish select each print style and click save.