MicroStation SS3 now supports Design Scripts

With the release of MicroStation SELECTseries 3, the Print dialog and Print Organizer interfaces now support using design scripts for print resymbolization.  Design scripts were previously used in InterPlot in the IPLOT dialog and InterPlot Organizer interfaces.

Design scripts are ASCII files that contain instructions for resymbolizing the printed output of design files. The instructions are contained in statements within the design script which are created or modified using a text editor such as Notepad.   Design scripts typically have a .pen extension.

In the Print dialog, under the Resymobolization menu, you can attach a design script by selecting “Attach Design Script”.  Using the browse menu, select the design script.  Once the design script is attached, you will see it listed at the bottom of the Print dialog in the Print Resymbolization section.

In Print Organizer, create the print definition first.  The design script can be attached in the print definition properties Main tab in the Resymbolization section at the bottom. Use the browse button to the right to select the design script.  You can also define design scripts in a Print Style.

When you submit a plot, you can attach a pen table, a design script, or both. In the case where you attach a pen table and a design script, if the pen table sets an element´s color to blue, and the design script sets the same element color to red, the design script takes precedence over the pen table since its output actions are always applied last.

The MicroStation configuration variable MS_PENTABLE defines the search path for pen table files while the variable MS_DESIGNSCRIPT_PATH defines the search path for design script files.  If MS_DESIGNSCRIPT_PATH is undefined, MS_PENTABLE is used.

With this release, several design script keywords have not been implemented. You do not have to remove these keywords from your existing design scripts, since they will not trigger any design script compilation errors.

The following assignment keywords are not implemented: extract_envr_variable, extract_envr_value, ip_logical_index, level, pattern, and pattern_color.

The following character assignment keywords are not implemented: ip_data_rescale, ip_data_rescale_x, ip_data_rescale_y, ip_display, ip_environment, ip_fast, ip_fence, ip_levels, ip_nodisplay, ip_nofast, ip_qpr_options, ip_region, ip_rendering_attributes, ip_short_rendering_attributes, and ip_volume.

The following active rendition keywords are not implemented: action_item, action_type, action_name, action_spec, action_range, action_instance, sheet_name, ignore_engineering_links, ignore_custom_links, ignore_all_links, bookmark_template, first_time, element_url, element_url_description, pdf_x_measure_scale_factor, pdf_y_measure_scale_factor, u3d_bgcolor, pw_component_property_name, pw_sheet, pw_component_property_value_integer, pw_component_property_value_character, pw_component_property_value_real, pw_component_class_name, pw_component_business_key, pw_current_file_url, pw_master_file_url, pw_plan_set_file_url, pw_file_url_type, property_name, property_setvalues, property_setqueryvalues, property_getvalue, property_deleteattributes, and property_maptoelement.