Opening Batch Print JOB files with Print Organizer

Print Organizer provides a seamless upgrade for Batch Print users. Legacy data created for the Batch Print utility such job set files are supported in Print Organizer.

Print Organizer's File > Open menu item can open a print set (.pset) file or a job (.job) file. When Print Organizer opens a job file, each corresponding model in the job set is converted to a print definition. The print definition properties are obtained from the print specifications stored in Batch Print's batchplt.spc file. Therefore, it is necessary to have access to the Batch Print specifications by copying the batchplt.spc file to the "..\Workspace\system\data " folder.

To open a JOB file:

  1. Select File > Print Organizer.
    The Print Organizer dialog opens.
  2. Select File > Open.
    The Open Print Set File dialog opens.
  3. Navigate to the desired folder and select the name of the job file you want to open.