Submitting MicroStation plot files to plotting devices

When using Bentley print drivers, you can print directly to the plotting device or print to file.  When printing to file, the following methods are available to submit the MicroStation plot File to the plotting device:

1 – Copy command

The most basic way to submit a plot file to the device is using the DOS COPY command.   Open a DOS command window and type the following:


COPY /b <output plot file name> <printer UNC path name>


COPY /b “ \\amsprdfs1\Reception 4345 MFP

2 – Batch command

Instead of using a DOS Command Window, you can also use a DOS Batch file consisting of the following:


COPY /b %1 <printer UNC path name>


COPY /b %1 “ \\amsprdfs1\Reception 4345 MFP

Drag and drop the print file to this batch file in Windows explorer.  The file is will be printed.

3 – There are Viewer programs that have the capability to send the plot file directly to the printer.

For example ViewCompanion Pro can open HPGL type of files and has the option Print Direct.
Using a HPGL Viewer a plot file can be opened and printed.

The disadvantage to this method is the plot file is opened and viewed first.  It will be interpreted by the viewer.  This interpretation is then printed.  This can be result in a different scale and might look different than sending the plot file directly.

4 – LPR command

If LPR is installed on the computer, you can submit the plot files to the plotting device using lpr.


LPR –S <tcp/ip address> -P raw <output plot file name>


LPR –S –P raw