Understanding Print Style Priority when multiple Print Styles are used in your workflow

MicroStation V8i SS3 always processes print styles in the following order.

  • Print styles assigned as default are always applied first when files are added to Print Organizer or when the Print dialog is opened. If you have multiple default print styles, they are applied alphabetically. Properties that appear in subsequent default print styles override the same properties that appear in previous default print styles. For example, if print style A specifies pen table A.tbl, and print style B specifies pen table B.tbl, print style B wins out and the plot will be created using pen table B.tbl.
  •  If both a default print style and a print style that is defined in a printer driver configuration file exist, duplicate properties in the print style assigned to a printer driver configuration file override those in the default print style.
  •  Any properties defined by manually applying a print style, always override any duplicate properties in a default print style or print style defined a printer driver configuration file.
  •  Any properties manually defined in the Print dialog or in Print Organizer after a print style has been applied; always override any duplicate properties in the applied print style(s).