• MicroStation V8i Printer Driver Creation/Conversion

    How do I create a new Printer Driver Configuration file that contains all the default properties?
    Using the Printer Driver Configuration Editor,   File > New Opens the Create New Printer Driver Configuration dialog, which is used to select the type of printer driver you want to create.  Select File > Save As to create a new pltcfg containing default properties.
    How do I convert my .plt file to a .pltcfg file…
    • Tue, Jan 25 2011
  • Printing Dynamic Views

    Many times when printing Dynamic Views in MicroStation, the desired results may not be what is expected. 

    Whether printing from MicroStation or using InterPlot, the render mode defined in the display style determines whether Rasterized mode is required to achieve the desired results. 

    MicroStation can print regular hidden line in non-rasterized mode, which is a new feature in V8i, but filled hidden lines will not print…

    • Sun, Oct 17 2010