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Plotting to scale using V8


 i am fairly new to the Microstation program but have been able to adapt to it and do the basic functions.

I have a client that sent me physical drawings that are to scale. However, when i print them, they do not print to scale.

This is what i have been doing: 

1) Set up a fence around the outside edge or the border.

2) Select the print option and i get the print pop up window.

3) Select my printer and paper size which is E size.

4) In the print scale and size area i put the scale that i need the drawing to print.  8:1 (1/8" = 1')

5) Preview window, everything appears. However, when i print a hard copy and place a 1/8" scale to the print, the drawing is smaller by approx 2". 

Is there some setting i am not or supose to select, or just not printing correctly?  i have checked the dimensions on Microstation and they are correct. 

 Don't know what else to try..

ANY help would be appreciated..




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  • jsierra,

          Scale in Microstation is different than other products I have used and possibly for you too.  The scale you put in is in Master:Sub:Positional Units per Master Unit or SubUnit since Microstation Units can represent any type of measurement.   If your Master is feet and your sub is in then you would need to put in 0:0.175  for your scale. That would be 1/8" = 1 foot.  But what you put in entirely depends on what you have set as Master and Sub in the Working Units.  The text to the side of the scale box should help you with what the master and sub units are.

  • The problem is that you sould be using 8:0    That is 1 inch paper to 8:0 design (or 8'-0")  (look to the right of where you enter the scale)  

    8:1 is 1 inch paper to 8:1 design (or 8'-1")  which is where you are running into a problem.

    the : doesn't represent the other part of the scale but the place holder between master and sub units.  in your case feet and inches.

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