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Recently upgraded to ProjectWise Explorer V8i SELECTseries 4. When I run Print Organizer in MicroStation V8i SS2  and try to add files to the
set, I get error "Unable to load file pw\\:..." every time. It seems the error message is a result of upgrading to PW Explorer v8i SS4. Print Organizer worked with PW Explorer v8i SS3.

Any ideas?


Tony Santiago

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  • Hi Tony,

    I had the same problem. In Print Organizer\Edit\Preferences tick Enable variable print definitions.



  • In reply to Martin Llontop:


    Hi Tony,

    I had the same problem. In Print Organizer\Edit\Preferences tick Enable variable print definitions.



    Tony is running MicroStation V8i SS2. The option for variable print definitions was not added until MicroStation V8i SS3.

  • In reply to RodWing:

    How the heck do you get this POS to work!!!!!!!

    If I turn on that setting, the files come in but I cannot see if anything is correct - all it tells me is that it used the plot style. Previews fail, which leads me to believe the plot area is totally hosed.

    If I toggle that setting off, I cannot add even one sheet.

    I had a sheet that would not add, but I could take a sheet that was already in the set and browse to one of the files that will not work, and it sees the sheet and once maximized, is good.

    If I could copy a working sheet  and then browse I could add sheets.

    I am going back to ss2 where this stuff works.

    Sorry if I seem angry, but I am.

    CADDCOP (Chuck Rheault)

    • MicroStation user since IGDS!
    • InRoads user since TDP!
    • Dragged kicking and screaming into the world of Civil 3D, too!

  • Having the exact same issue here.  I am running PW SS4 - and Microstation SS2 V  At first I ran into a problem with a path too long, fixed that by switching myself to not dsplay descriptions in my interface in PW.  Now it just simply states "Unable to load design file "pw:\\...dgn".  No other clues or hints are provided as to why it won't load.  Would someone from Bentley please give an answer as to what is going wrong here.  And I am in charge of over 500 seats of Microstation, so please don't say "Upgrade".  A simple explanation of why this is happening would be appreciated if a solution can't be provided.

    Much appreciated,

    Michael Brennan

  • In reply to Michael Brennan:

    I have seen this problem before.  The problem started after upgrading to ProjectWise SS4.  You can see the problem when using MicroStation SS2 or MicroStation SS3.  The user had the following code in his managed workspace:

    %if defined (_PWEXPLORER)



    Once these lines were removed, the problem went away.

    The treatment of this variable (PW_DISABLE_INTEGRATION) has changed between MicroStation and ProjectWise since the previous release.  Disabling ProjectWise integration via a cfg variable in the managed workspace now prevents Print Organizer's worker process from being able to load the design file.

  • Thank you very much!  Switching on the desktop integration (and if needed for very long folder and file name descriptions, turning off "Use Descriptions" in user interface PW settings) does the trick.  Of course folks like to see descriptions, but they can get used to it eventually.

    Michael Brennan

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