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Any idea where to find the 'Add Active File' in Print Organizer as the previous versions of MicroStation did?

We're also finding another problem...when we apply a print style, Print Organizer will always go to PDF, I made sure that PDF pltcfg is not a default style.

So to get around the problem, I go to printer setup and manually select the required driver....kind of double handling really. After that I can use the 'Apply Print Style' which will work as intended (ie it will load the selected print style)

Any help much appreciated.




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  • Bentley, are you able to help please?


  • In reply to cad.station9:

    Looks like it was left out. Maybe the assumption was that the user would end up picking the active file as a part of creating the print set anyways so it was unnecessary?  But from an actual workflow standpoint, I suspect many people will want to quickly add the active design file to an existing print set because they just made a new sheet, etc.  This would not be so bad if the add files dialog box defaulted to the active design file location and name as batch print did.

    As a work around for now, you could assign this key-in to a function key, toolbar button or whatever….

    $ printorganizer add file "$(_dgnfile)"

    Be careful using this as it will add the same file if you use it repeatedly.  Add the print style name to the end of the key-in if necessary.

    or take the long route....

    Pick “Add Files to Set" toolbar button->pick “Add” button->pick “Directory History” button->pick first directory in drop-down list->scroll to active file and select->pick “Done” button->pick “Ok” button.

    Regarding the default print style....

    From what I can tell, if you set the default print style, close and re-open the print organizer and then add files, the program will honor the default setting BUT IT WILL NOT BE SHOWN in the "Create Print Definitions" dialog box.  You can pick on a file/model/sheet in the list and verify the pltcfg associated with it on the status bar at the bottom right of the Print Organizer window.

    I was able to apply a print style that referenced a different pltcfg to an added file and found that it did change the file's pltcfg as expected without going to the printer setup first

    My testing was done in MicroStation v8i SS1 ( on XP 32-bit SP3 using default local installation options.

  • In reply to Aubrie Gibbs:

    Thanks for bringing this up. We have the issue logged - CR 271116. As for the print style issue, I would suggest contact support to help us figure out the issue. Thanks.


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