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Printing CIT images to a pdf using print organizer

I've been having issues printing a CIT image while using print organizer.  I'm using MicroStation V8i SS3 (version  When I try to print a pdf using print organizer, my CIT image will not print.  I have looked into making sure that it's on a level that will print along with making sure the print raster images is selected in the print organizer settings.  Attached are the files that I used.  Any ideas on why this CIT image won't print?  Is there a limitation on image size while printing with print organizer?
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    Hi Dustin,

    Thanks for the extra configuration files.

    I have found that if I check the ``Print monochrome raster as-is```option I can reproduce your problem with your test.pset. Otherwise when unchecked the .CIT is printed correctly even with test.pset and your ptlcfg file.

    I`m not sure why it is so, but could you check if the ``Print monochrome raster as-is```option is checked by default in your Title-CIT-Test Properties dialog?



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