Stipple pattern print weight different from same cell placed

We have a stipple / stucco / dot pattern which always prints lighter than desired. If we use the cell library "archpatv8.cel" and a PNT-type pattern "Stucco" to create a hatch, it prints light. If we place the same cell at the same scale into our drawing, it prints normally (the weight we expect).

The "Stucco" definition is made from short lines (0.0110"). By increasing the pattern's pen weight, the hatch becomes a series of short strokes, not points. (Essentially, the "width" of the line becomes greater than the length, creating a short stroke perpendicular to the line direction; stroke length being equal to the pen width.)

When I recreated the pattern with points ("Place Point") named "Stucco_2", the hatch did not work at all.  No hatch was created (or appeared to be created).

When I drop the pattern, even remove it from all graphic groups, the lines still print lighter than any lines of equal length or points I create.

Question #1: How do I get a stipple pattern to print the same weight as the placed cell?

Question #2: Is this somehow a function of our Pen Table or PLT files? What can I upload as attachments here to help facilitate a solution?