Default print configuration


We are running MicroStation in a Citrix environment and have our workspace on a separate NAS server. I was trying to configure a default print for our pdf docu printer to have ANSI B as the default paper size. In doing so I have somehow caused the print settings window to no longer appear when first selecting File>Print of Ctrl P. Where is this setting driven from? I have attached a screenshots to show what is happing in my test environment now and what occurs in our production environment. I need to get the test environment back like prod. Any ideas?

  • If MS_DEFAULT_PLTCFG_FILE is set to a printer driver configuration filename, that file is selected when you open the Print dialog box. If this variable is undefined, the most recently used .pltcfg is used. If the .pltcfg is corrupt or missing you will be prompted to select a .pltcfg. You should be able to select a known good .pltcfg to get the Print dialog open, and then edit the .pltcfg you were working on and undo the change that broke it. A new .pltcfg can be created using File > New in the driver editor if necessary.

    Upload your custom .pltcfg if you need assistance isolating the problem, and describe what you want to accomplish.