Pen Table has To Be Reloaded

Whenever I plot I have to reload my default pentable. The preview, and the plot, is otherwise blank. I can either load a different pentable, or click the magnifying glass and reload what had already been set as default pentable just by selecting it (again, since it was already selected when I opened the print dialog)..

Does anyone know how I can fix this?


mstn V8i SS3

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  • Upon opening the print dialog with a blank preview:

    Print style 'MSN_B-Size_Grayscale' automatically applied
    No elements matching the automatic area search criteria were found
    'PLT_Sheet_Border' is not a valid level for file 'M:\DESIGN\Projects\53W1693\Indep Declar\Water\Design\53W1693WU-Prof_Ind_Dec_Check.dgn'
    PLOTDLG unloaded.

    Note that I am not using a border - I am using sheets and it is set to prefer sheet defined area.

    After reopening the pentable with a plot preview containing elements as expected: No other messages.

    Now that I have been pointed at the message center, I have used Print Organizer extensively in the past. Suddenly (with no apparent changes to environment) loading a file failed. I saw the PLT_Sheet_Border error then, even though that level with elements present *did* exist. The only way I can get it to work is to define a fenced area with PLT_Sheet_Border being the level to use for a fence definition. The plot file (dgn) then loads. Then I have to reset the area search criteria to Sheet, and it all works then.
  • It appears that there might be a bit of confusion between a design model and a sheet model. Would you mind sending me a private email so that I can contact you directly?