Positional Keyboard Navigation or Equivalent in V8 2004

Is there any way to utilize Positional Keyboard Navigation (PKN) within V8 2004?  I learned V8i using PKN in college and the company I work at currently are using v8 2004 which does not have this feature as far as I know.  As you can imagine repetitive tasks such as drawing a line or copying/moving are very annoying because I have to manually click the icon to activate the command instead of just pressing two keystrokes right next to each other (i.e. "q1").

I know that in V8 2004 you can set up the function keys to somewhat imitate PKN but this is not as useful because there are only 12 function keys to use and they are pretty far apart so I often have to look at my keyboard if I want to switch between using the command I set to F1 and then using the command I set to F12 (which somewhat defeats the purpose...might as well have just clicked the icon).  And using "ctrl + function key" to get more commands is too awkward to be very useful.

The worst issue with using these function key shortcuts to activate a command is that they do no work the same way as having clicked the icon manually.  For example, setting up the "copy" command to F1 does not give me the full dialogue box of the copy command for adjusting how many copies I would like and (more detrimentally) I can not visually see when I can snap to an object (have to tentative snap until I see that it snapped properly).  Essentially these function key shortcut commands do not function the same way as simply pressing the icon on the toolbar and it is very problematic to the point that I don't even have copy/move and place line commands associated with any of the function keys.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.