Can't print with different line weights.


I've just drawn a section for my work and I am trying to print it right but it isn't working. I've dran on diffferent levels and I've assigned different line weights for each but when I try to print and save my work as a .pdf all the drawing comes out in one line weight. Basically, my section looks like an elevation. I can't get my head around it. Can you help?

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Sectiune longitudinala sit .dgn

  • I noticed that Line Weights were turned off in the View Attributes dialog box. If that was turned off in the View Attributes and you opened the Print Dialog Microstation usually set the Plot Attributes to match the View Attributes. If you turn on the Line Weights in the View Attributes dialog while the Plot dialog is open the Plot Attributes do not automatically refresh to reflect the change. You would need to click the Update from View icon in the Plot dialog so the changes are reflected in the Plot Attributes.

    It could also be something in your plot driver line weight settings or a pen table affecting the output also.

    I enabled the line weights in the View Attributes, changed some line weights and printed a pdf that showed the line weights correctly.

    Microstation CONNECT

    ORD CONNECT 2021 R1

    Microstation v8i SS 10

    Power InRoads v8i

    ORD CONNECT 2021 R1


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  • Thank you! It finally worked! I must have unticked the Line Weights by mistake when I worked with the View Attributes and I didn't realize it.
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