Font size printing DGN file to PDF with an embedded spreadsheet

We are using an embedded Spreadsheet on our drawings.

When we create a PDF file the text in the embedded part shrinks to a nearly unreadable size.

It is only changing the font which is Arial 6 point

If I increase the size to 8 point it prints without problem.

I cant adjust the spacing on the spreadsheet to accomdate the larger font currently.

I tested with v8i and it has the same problem.

Anyone having this problem?

  • FlexiTable

    One solution is to use FlexiTable™.

    Table created using FlexiTable

    FlexiTable creates schedules & tables using only MicroStation graphic elements.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

  • There is another  option there is  a bentley delivered free tool in your macro called table.bas or

    If you save your excel sheet as A CSV  file  then run the  macro it will ask for a  text file but you can use the pulldown to see you can use csv  as well as txt then a new dialog pops up which you can change  colours text height etc it takes a little getting used to using it and  maybe a few tries to see its what you want  but the  text height is from your settings and the  fonts is from the active font used in microstation the  beauty is its all cad objects.. this is an old tool and we have been using it since v95 you can then leave a  note in the file that the data  it comes from C:\xyzfolder\abc.csv....


    It will however mean you have to rerun everytime you want to update the  table if your csv file changes it wont self update like a linked excel file but  you do have total control over text sizes and  colours etc and  as its all ustn elements you can use all the  normal tools to modify the  final look ...


    Started msnt work 1990 - Retired  Nov 2022 ( oh boy am I old )

    But was long time user V8iss10 ( dabbler CE  update 16 ( 

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  • Just saw this thanks I will test it out

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