Plots w/ model names

How can I create plots with the model name appended to the plot name?

I have multiple sites/jobs that have a mimum of 22 sheet models. I need tp create pdfs. Right now I have to type in the little blurb A1, A2 etc. for every plot.

Thank you for your help

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  • Thanks again Phil,

    I have been using "Adobe PDF" (windows driver) and I couldn't find a way to have the model name be a part of the pdf created so I used "pdf.pltcfg", now I have the model name but my pdfs are 2x the size (file size) compared to using Adobe PDF. If I use pdf.pltcfg is there a way to make the pdfs smaller (file size)? I tried changing some of the settings but the changes I made didn't seem to have any affect.

    Thanks again,