PDF Printing in Microstation SS3 Extreme Slow

Dear All,

I am a new one about Microstation. at My office run Microstation SS3 and it's very slow when we printing to PDF by using Microstation Printing Driver but

It's extreme slow, when we click on the active windows desktop, it's become not respond.

Could any body show me the ways how to fix it up? 

How can i see my previously posted? how can i know , i got the respond from some one? 

Best regards,

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  • Hi,

    you didn't answer the majority of questions, so no way how to help you or to give you any advice :-(

    Some notes anyway:

    • DWUpdf.pltcfg is not the standard configuration file, so we can only guess how it is set. Do you have the same problem with the original pdf.pltcfg file delivered in MicroStation installation?
    • If we don't know if the problem is specific for only one file (or limited group of files) or for all files, it's not possible to investigate if the problem is because of content or because of print or Windows configuration.
    • Information about the content (vector only, rasters or WMS attached) and how it behave in rasterized and non-rasterized mode can also be helpful to find the problem ... but the information is missing.

    With regards,