Printing pdf to different size paper

Here's my scenario...I have created two pdf files, one being set to Ansi B (11x17) and the other being set to Ansi D (22x34). Each one are plots of the same sheet.

When plotted, the 11x17 pdf looks great when plotted to an 11x17 printer, and when plotted, the 22x34 pdf looks great when plotted to a large plotter.

Here's the problem. When I ask for the 11 x 17 pdf to be plotted to 22x34, it looks great, but when I ask for the 22x34 pdf to be plotted to 11x17 it looks washed out.. It looks as if the line weights have been scaled down by more than half.

Each pdf was created using the same .pltcfg file. Default is the 11x17 and the 22x34 is set to scale the weights and line styles by 2.

Internally we can work around this, but we would like to provide clients the option of plotting to either size from 1 file. Seems strange it works in one direction but not the other. We need this to work both ways.

Has anyone ran into this before?