Microstation v8i ss2 Issue with fence clipping off the border when printing

BORDER 100.dgn

The issue I am having this time arises from placing a fence on a border sheet and the border not plotting properly. I have a fence placed that states it is at 1.0000 scale, maximized and centered, the preview and the plot are not completely represented. The border that is used (in this case the red line) to set the fence is supposed to print (according to my seniors here) but many of the older prints (before I began working here) seem to be inconsistent on if the outer border is located or not. When I print, there is no right side to the print and ever since I changed the cell library to make the borders a factor of 1.0000 (they were .9###) everyone else prints with the same border edge being deleted. I have used maximize fence clip, changed the border to a smaller size both in and out of scale. I have made true the print border and print fence and made them false and came up the the same results.

The above is a screen capture of the print preview and the border on the right hand side of the topmost window is the preview screen. The edge of the fence is placed as a block over the border and three edges fall within the dotted fence representation where the right hand side has no border and the dotted line has no line on it or in it.

What could be some problems causing this and what are some options I could do to fix this?


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