Using Iplot design script files in MicroStation v8i SS3 - Custom Linestyles are not plotting correctly

We have a client-provided (Caltrans) InterPlot design script file which uses the following line to screen back certain elements based on level and color:

style = (.00375, 0.01, 0.005, 0.011, .006, .012, .005, .01125) 

The effect is that these lines show up as "spaced out" dots instead of continuous lines, which effectively creates the effect of screening. The script file works fine when using IPLOT, but when using the design script file in MicroStation v8i - SS3, certain custom linestyles (such as existing utilities, fence lines, etc) show up as screened lines.

IPLOT uses a command in the configuration file to avoid this behavior:


I'm guessing that this command tells IPLOT to keep the linestyle "format" intact, but display it using the dots to make it look screened.

Is there a similar command to use in MicroStation's print dialog box? 

I'm trying to find a way to achieve the same results using MicroStation's Print dialog box, instead of having to use IPLOT because not all of our users are familiar with IPLOT and many of us prefer the MicroStation Print dialog.




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