Print to pdf with levels turned off in the pdf

I have some levels in my file that I want printed to my pdf, however by default I want those levels to be off in the pdf so that the user would have to manually turn them on in the pdf in order to see them.  Is this possible?


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  • ~"The PDF file created with the MicroStation pdf.pltcfg driver should include all levels although the level display is switch OFF. This gives the user the ability to create PDF files in which certain levels are not displayed (plot function is switch OFF in level manager), but he can turn it ON in the PDF file without creating a new PDF file."


    I dont think so... if the levels are not displayed during the creation of the layered pdf then you cant turn them on on the pdf  unless there is a setting I dont  know about to print levels not displayed.... this is same behavior with non layered pdfs...

    Now if your saying  "Should" as a "wouldnt it be a nice enhancement "then we also need the enhancement to give the option to have levels that are off to not come thru to the pdf..with Roads works we often dont want  some levels shown on client pdfs but we still want the option to have them later in pdfs....


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