MicroStation SS3: AutoCAD Drawing with Notes in Model Space are showing up rotated when opening in MicroStation

Im trying to batch plot a set of AutoCAD drawings using MicroStation, because I am more familiar with the Print Organizer in MicroStation than whatever equivalent tool AutoCAD uses. After working through the setup to create my .pset file, I ran the Print Organizer, and it went through the whole set and created my PDF file. When I opened the PDF file, I noticed that some of my text was rotated.

I had someone in our office print the set to PDF from AutoCAD, and those came out just fine, with the text not rotated. 

I then proceeded to open some of the files, both in MicroStation and AutoCAD. What I noticed was that the text is properly rotated when I open the file in AutoCAD (see first image below), but it looks improperly rotated when I open the same file in MicroStation (see second image).

I believe this has something to do with the rotation of the Model Space where the text is placed, and the way the model space is rotated in the paper space. It also has something to do with the type of text. The text was placed in the AutoCAD drawing using tools from Civil 3D (Autodesk product), and is not necessarily a text element (I believe it is some kind of a cell or block).

I suppose I could explode each block and rotate it manually, but that would take a while and would ruin the AutoCAD integrity.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and can tell me how to fix it? I was kind of hoping that I could continue using MicroStation even though the project is in AutoCAD, but I may be forced to switch over because I don't want to mess up the AutoCAD drawings. 



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