MicroStation V8i default Print Styles

I know how to use and create new Print Styles in a dgnlib that all users in our office can access, but my question is about the defualt Bentley print styles that show up.  When we select "Apply Print Styles" in the Print dialog box we see all the custom Print styles we have created in our dgnlib, but we also see 4 print styles that we didn't create.  I'm guessing these styles are default print styles that come pre-loaded in MicroStation, but we were wondering if there is a way to remove them or stop them from showing up?  They are no hurting anything, but our new users get confused and try to use these and we would just like them to not even show up.  Any help?

Standard 11x17 Laser

Standard 11x17 PDF

Standard Find Print Shape

Standard NoDataFields