Bentley Driver trying to output a DGN instead of a PDF.

I'm using Microstation V8i ss3 and when printing to pdf with the Bentley Driver it attempts to create a dgn instead. It will result in an error and fail to output if the file name is not changed (file already exists). Most of the time the print output is a pdf as expected. It creates only creates dgn file occasionally. If the file name is unique and it creates a dgn and I delete that dgn, then often the next try will result in a pdf. Otherwise I have to rename the output file.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hello Andrew. It's just the same error as described above and can be fixed on windows explorer just by enabling the extension visualization for known file types as stated above. I really don't see the point or value in assuming the time required for generating all the information you are requesting above in order to get Benley to fix an already known issue regarding Microstation and all microstation V8i based softwares. Just to resume, this issue is also present on OPIM, BRCM & OPM V8i versions when using a custom pdf.pltcfg file.Grin

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