Printing transparant references with MicroStation Connect

Setting a reference transparant works just fine on the screen, but when I try to print a drawing with a transparant reference this isn't working.

I have the 'Rasterized' checkbox highlighted.

In V8i Series 3 this worked without much trouble. All we had to do was highlight the 'Rasterized' checkbox. But when we updated to Connect this wasn't working anymore.

Anyone has a solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance,

Thijs Paus

Kroeze Interieurbouw


  • I’m not able to reproduce this symptom with a simple test case. Confirm Transparency is enabled in the Print Dialog > Settings > Print Attributes. Also, if you are defining a Transparency value in References > Properties > Adjust Colors, make sure “Print Adjusted Colors” is enabled.

  • Thanks Todd !

    I’ve enabled the ‘Print adjusted colors’ checkbox & it did the job!

    However, this has to be enabled manualy for every reference I attach. Because we use about 20 transparant references for every drawing we make (& every one in a different transparancy), it would be great if there was a standard setting for it.

    In our previous version (V8i Series 3) it apparanty was some sort of standard setting, because the ‘Print adjusted colors’ wasn’t enabled either.

    So, if someone knows a standard setting for this would be appriciated!!

    Thanks in advance.

    Thijs Paus
    Kroeze Interieurbouw
  • I’m not aware of a way to force “Print Adjusted Colors” on by default. The setting not effecting Transparency in V8i is actually a defect that is fixed in CONNECT Edition.

    Using a pen table to apply transparency to the reference files is an alternative solution.

  • Hi Todd,

    Long shot I guess, but I have just come across this issue in CONNECT, and was wondering if a variable had appeared in any more recent update that could control this behaviour?

    Thanks in advance,


  • HI Adam,

    There is not a variable for this, nor is there a Preference.

    There is a key-in you can use:

    REFERENCE ADJUSTCOLORS DIALOG 100,100,1,0,,0.000000

    Numbers are: Value, Saturation, Print Adjust Colors toggle, Fixed or Adjustment Factor, Fixed Hue toggle (it’s the empty field – two commas. Adding a 0 will turn on Fixed Hue), Transparency (the decimal number)


    REFERENCE SET PRINTCOLORADJUSTMENT=<setting_spec> <file_spec>

    Where reference colors have been adjusted, sets whether the adjusted (1) or the original (0) colors print. Equivalent to the Print Adjusted Colors setting in the Adjust Colors dialog.

    Example with a wildcard to affect all references: