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i have had a problem with my microstation prints ,

when i print drawings that was generated from the 3D module , the drawing prints with black blocks then when i close the drawing and open it again and then print it again then it prints correctly , i have checked the printer drivers and everything is ok with the Drivers , this happens on our A3 printer and our A1 Plotter 

any ideas how to fix this problem would be much appreciated ,


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  • Unknown said:

    Hi Jon

    i am using Microstation V8i Select Series 3 V

    windows 10 64 bit

    as seen in the image below is how the drawing is printed 

    I too have  had this but not visible  on screen viewed pdf  only  when print to paper..and only when using rasters and batch prints

    We tracked it down  to  the  2d raster file  was attached as nested file to a 3d parent  file , when detached from the nest and added direct to each drawing ( I made a script  for that as I had 50 dgns  to do this to..) and reprinted to paper the  pdfs  and no more black blocks... not sure why this works but it does... 


    Started msnt work 1990 - Retired  Nov 2022 ( oh boy am I old )

    But was long time user V8iss10 ( dabbler CE  update 16 ( 

    MicroStation user since 1990 Melbourne Australia.
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