Use pdf.pltcfg Microstation V8 2004

Hi,  you can use the driver pdf.pltcfg  into  microstation v8 2004?

We need to create PDF prints larger than 200 inches long.

Thank you soo much.

  • Hi Mappa

    I am afraid MicroStation V8 2004 does not support pltcfg files

  • Should I create a PDF Print 297mm x 12000 mm,

    I inserted the size, but it did not work

    ; ENGLISH resolution and SIZE records

    ;size=(44,34)/num=0/off=(0,0)/name="ANSI E"

    ;size=(34,22)/num=0/off=(0,0)/name="ANSI D"

    ;size=(22,17)/num=0/off=(0,0)/name="ANSI C"

    ;size=(17,11)/num=0/off=(0,0)/name="ANSI B"

    ;size=(11,8.5)/num=0/off=(0,0)/name="ANSI A"

    ;resolution(IN)=(0.001666666666666666666667,0.001666666666666666666667) ;600DPI

    ; modified by W.Rath choose metric resolution

    ; METRIC resolution and SIZE records

    ;size=(1189,841)/num=0/off=(0,0)/name="ISO A0"

    ;size=(841,594)/num=0/off=(0,0)/name="ISO A1"

    ;size=(594,420)/num=0/off=(0,0)/name="ISO A2"

    ;size=(420,297)/num=0/off=(0,0)/name="ISO A3"


    resolution(MM)=(0.04233333333333333333333,0.04233333333333333333333); 600DPI

  • MicroStation versions that old cannot create PDFs larger than 200x200". See

    You will need to update to either MicroStation V8i or CONNECT Edition.


  • I had similar problem, only  solution was to use  less area for the  height and use  continued  below  so have  several  strips  running east west  below each other on te same roll plot sheet....

    I used Saved views to create  each  following  strip with match lines beginning and ending... only way I could get around the maximum paper length.. 

    I had to do this again recently  when client  requested that the  roll plot  for  7 kms of roadworks  be a  maximum paper length of 3 meters and have  all the  information detail be readable, best scale I could use from existing  refs was  1:1000 and  have  3strips  all on the  one  rollplot... hey worked for me without any extra effort.. but I did use V8i ss3 for this 

    But  it did use to work before v2004 v8, exactly the same way with saved view or  multiple self ref attachments  moved and clipped....


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