Plotting small filled circles - using Print Organizer to create PDF's

At GDOT we have create some nice custom tools that allow us to use the Print Organizer for creating PDF's from V7 and V8.

We can do all our usual sizes in BW and Color as well as batch plotting.

We have an issue with the plotting of small circles of the same size in V7 and V8 that are used to designate rebar for Bridge Design cross sections.

The files Created in V7 look good when printed from V7 printing, the same files printed in V8 look line small points or dots in the file. We typically create

100% 24x36, 66% 24x16 and 50% 12x18. These files plotted from V7 all showed the rebars just fine, even at small sizes. When using V8 and the same

type of rebar, same size 1 to 1 scale drawing, bars are way too small. We create these cross sections with some home grown programs and then place

them on a border that best shows the drawing, ie. 1/2", 3/8" or 1/4" scale.

I found a few posts and looked for a setting called visible edges, but I think this was for 3d and The Plant Design Software. I've played with the Pltcfg, added

weight to the filled rebars and this did not help. Any ideas or things I could try to get them to plot like they look in the PDF? They look good on the screen too.

I have some examples if someone would V8-Bars Too Small when plotted.dgnV8-Bars Too Small when plotted.dgn

like to take a look.

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