Raster transparency ignored when printed

This pertains to migration from v8i to Connect. I've been running Connect for a week now and dealing with miscellaneous things.

Most of my projects use raster images attached to the master model, referenced in a sheet and transparency modified in the sheet. Most of them work fine, but I have one file that doesn't work. When printed, it ignores the transparency I've set for the raster image and just prints it 100%.

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  • Does your raster image have compression?

    Yes, they are Mr.Sid

    Do you see your raster image display?

    Display is correct, transparency is correct

    Have you tried using rasterized when you print?

    Yes, if I force the output to be rasterized, it does print the translucency correctly. Why just this one file?

    Have you looked at Update Sequence in Reference?

    Update sequence changed, no change in printout

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