Raster transparency ignored when printed

This pertains to migration from v8i to Connect. I've been running Connect for a week now and dealing with miscellaneous things.

Most of my projects use raster images attached to the master model, referenced in a sheet and transparency modified in the sheet. Most of them work fine, but I have one file that doesn't work. When printed, it ignores the transparency I've set for the raster image and just prints it 100%.

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  • simple answer dont use CE , log a SR with bentley  send a copy of your  file to bentley and go back to using  ss4 or ss3...

    I believe its too bug ridden to be of any  production office use at our consultancies level ie roads , infrastructure etc when batch production and consistent lookin prints across hundreds of plans in a print set as well as multiple projects for the same clients they should always look and feel the same if you used standards.. and standardised printer drivers and pentables...


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