Dimensions in paper space not printing (SelectSERIES 4)

I get ready my paper space for plotting, I have a couple of dynamic views in place, with visual style of hidden line and some dimensions/texts in the paper space, if I choose to print to pdf (thru pdf.pltcfg), now in versión SelectSERIES 4, automatically choose Rasterized. I don't choose this options often because:

  • Longer time to créate the printout (rather PDF or to printer/plotter)
  • Larger file sizes
  • Quality of drawing in full page some kind of faded

In the paper space of MicroStation look like this:

But in the PDF:

No dimensions at all.

I did the test with SelectSERIES 3 and not problem:

What could be missing right here?

Is there any work around to fix this or I should keep with SelectSERIES 3?

Versions used for this:


Just for the record, when I choose a portion of the paper space to print, with a fence for instance, the dimensions are visible/printable.

Any hint to fix this, or perhaps to address to Bentley, will be much appreciated.