3D-PDFs created with Connect Edition bigger in file size and slower than with V8i?

Hello community,

since we upgraded to the Connect Edition (CE) the behaviour of 3D-PDFs changed.

Here are the problems we encounter:

Difference in file size for the same model:

  • The file size differs if we create the 3D-PDF with CE or if we create it with V8i.
  • The ones created in CE are always a few MB bigger (depends on the overall size and the complexity of the model).

  • What does CE make different than V8i when creating a 3D-PDF and why is the CE-File always bigger?

Opening time for 3D-PDFs created with CE:

  • If we open the 3D-PDF created with CE, it takes much longer to open and we see a kind of “unfinished render” for about 15-90 seconds.
  • The opening time again depends on the models but it is always much much longer than for the files created with V8i from the same model.
  • We do not see this "unfinished render" in the 3D-PDF created with V8i.

Here is a picture of the "unfinished render":

The interesting thing is: If we create the 3D-PDFs of the exact same model with V8i, they are smaller in file size, they open much faster (in just a few seconds) and we do not see the “unfinished render”.

Interesting Fact: Sometimes the Acrobat Reader changes to “not responding” for a short time, but that is not always the case.

Sometimes the Acrobat Reader even says: “This file cannot be shown with the Acrobat Reader. The program will close now.” (It is not the exact message, I translated it, because I am running a machine which is set to german.)

The "look" of the 3D-PDFs: 

Another thing that I am irritated about is the “look” of the 3D-PDF. The one created with the V8i looks a bit more “shiny” and the one created with CE looks a bit “dull”. We use the same setup for printing the 3D-PDF in V8i and CE. Does anybody have an idea what could cause these differences?

I added two screenshots that show the different looks of the 3D-PDFs. (We imported the print settings from V8i to CE, so they should be the same for both versions).


(As an example file we just put together some random pipelineworks.)

3D-PDF created with CE (looks a bit dull and not as "shiny" as the one created with V8i).

3D-PDF created with V8i (looks a bit more "shiny" than the one created with CE).

Example Files:

The example files are just a bunch of pipelines thrown together randomly, as we can not show you real projects. 

To see the effects described above it is important that the files have a certain amount of equipment in them, otherwise the difference in loading times is to short to see. That is why the files are relatively big and we had to upload the to the WeTransfer Page.

Here you can find two 3D-PDFs and the DGN file they where both created from, one time using Connect Edition, the other one using V8i.


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