[PowerGEOPAK SS2] Print Organizer not printing rasters

I first experienced this problem several years ago, but it had been fixed in subsequent releases.  Now the problem has resurfaced on what was an otherwise stable, fully functional installation of PowerGEOPAK SS2.

When I print files individually using the "Print" tool, the raster images show up as expected, but when I try to use the "Print Organizer" the CAD linework prints but not the raster images in the background. The pltcfg file is the same in both cases and I made sure that the "Print Raster" option is checked in the Print Organizer - Advanced tab.

A coworker is able to print the same files thru PO just fine.  He can load the same PO file and print just fine. When I do it with the same files the rasters don't print, but they will if I use only Print (not PO).  The only difference I can think of is that I have ORD installed (installed after PGPK).  We both use the same networked pltcfg files, pen tables, dgn files, etc.

I have restarted, deleted rsc files, uninstalled ORD, uninstalled/reinstalled PGPK; nothing has worked yet.

Even stranger I can print these files just fine with PGPK SS4, and again, this works fine on other computers in the office.

It makes no difference whether I use my custom workspace or PGPK SS2 straight "out of the box".  Either way the rasters are not printing.