Named Expressions in Print Organizer

Related Post (5 years old):

There was a user request opened, not sure what the status is... Might be solved by now?

OK, here is the issue:

Files are stored in ProjectWise.

I have specific text strings on the border for replacement via pen table. The values are stored as configuration vars. My pen table uses Named Expressions for the text substitution. The Named Expressions are defined in the printing DGNLib.

As users open files, the value for the config. vars. are redefined dynamically (via an MVBA). So files in folder x might receive the value "INDICATIVE," files in folder y might receive the value "DIRECTIVE."

When printing interactively, these values always populate. However, when using Print Organizer, it all falls apart, and the strings remain unpopulated (actually, they read Invalid Expression).

Yes, yes, I know PO runs as a separate non-interactive process, thus the MVBA is never run (see the link above). / (Yes, yes, I know Renditions/IPlot can do this--separate discussion.) The question is was this user request every resolved? Some workaround discovered?