Files not getting added to print organizer

Hi All,

When I am trying to drag and drop to print organizer it is not taking the files, But for some i am able to add but the print definitions I can't define for these. I have tried several print styles. But if a create a new file and move all these content to that it is working properly. What could be the reason,any ideas?

Any help on this is appreciated

Thank you

  • Athul,

    When files won't add to Print Organizer, it's usually because the boundary element doesn't match what is set in the print style.
    You can try selecting the files, then using the manual option instead of a print style. Select no fence, and see if the files are added to Print Organizer.
    If they are, then figure out what you want as your boundary area and see if you can apply that. If it's not working you'll need to open the files
    you are trying to plot and make sure what you want to be your print area has the correct settings (usually color , style, weight, level)

    Tom F.

  • May depend on the the Print Organizer preferences.