Microstation XM Batch Printing PDFs in Color vs B&W


Updated my PDF drives for uStn XM.  When printing singles PDF are B&W as defined by our pentable.  When we try to batch a set of files to PDF using the same driver ALL sheets come out in color. 

Based on other posts in printing & plotting I have the "color mode" set to monochrome.  Then our pentable is attached/defined in the print drive and at the system level.

Win 7

  • In the "Batch Print Spec Manager" under the Display type.  Both Raster & Non-Raster properties had the color mode option set to color.  Both are now set to monochrome.  PDFs are B&W as expected.

    These setting can also be found/changed in the "batchplt.spc" file.

    Steven W.

    CAD Manager

    MPS Engineering Inc