[CONNECT] Print Organizer Rename by Expression from sheet index

From what I'm seeing. if I set up my Sheet Index and then select the open print organizer button, when print organizer is opened from sheet index the ability to use rename by expressions is greyed out.

wonder why this is the case, I would like to be able to set up my pset using sheet index but then still be able to rename by expression. 

  • The "rename by expression" command was designed for use with traditional "fixed" print definitions, where each print definition contains a rich set of properties completely defining the print parameters.  Those properties are exposed through symbols that can be used in wide variety of expressions.  The Print Organizer "rename by expression" command is only enabled if the print set contains at least one fixed print definition.

    Among other purposes, the sheet index is intended (for many users) as a replacement for redundant PSET files composed of fixed print definitions.  It is a very streamlined workflow, with many bells and whistles offered by Print Organizer deliberately not included.  The intent is that the sheet numbers in the index (and any temporary print set created from the index) be controlled exclusively by the sheet index tool.  The "open in Print Organizer" command is designed to be fast; no time for Print Organizer to open all the DGNs and query all those rich properties needed for fixed print definitions.  Instead Print Organizer builds "style-dependent" (aka 'variable') print definitions that contain *only* the properties you see in the Print Organizer list view. Expressions for renaming would be extremely limited if supported.

    It is possible to convert the style-dependent print definitions to fixed print definitions, and thus gain access to the Print Organizer rename by expression function, by using the Print Organizer Tools / Convert to fixed print definitions command.  But that can be a slow process and likely not worth it.

    The sheet index numbering controls available in 'Manage Sheet Index' are relatively limited compared to Print Organizer's offerings.  If there are additional options you would like to see in the sheet index, please contact Bentley support and log enhancement requests.


  • thank you for the explanation.

    I guess I don't understand why we trade off functionality that's been there forever to save some time.

    The intent is that the sheet numbers in the index (and any temporary print set created from the index) be controlled exclusively by the sheet index tool

    if this was the intent then why allow me to rename a sheet, I can open sheet manager and edit the names. heck why even bother letting me open in print organizer at all pretty much everything is gone. I know I have to save that pset to keep the changes. its pretty obvious that my changes wont be in the sheet index. even after I save the pset if I go and open print organizer (not from sheet index) and load the pset I saved from sheet index. I STILL cant rename by expression. at the very least after I save the pset file I should be able to open it and get all the functionality of print organizer. seems like a pretty poor decision. why not let the sheet index do its thing and if a user wants to take it to print organizer let them open the full blown print organizer.

    Print organizer should be print organizer not matter how it is opened.

    I like the sheet index auto-numbering but I have requests in to make it usable because right now it cant continue auto numbering across subfolders (something pretty simple I think, to autonumber from top to bottom incrementing the number and not care about how many sub-folders you have which are really just book marks..i mean any pdf viewer can handle what page your on no matter how many sub-bookmarks you have).

    since plan sets can get pretty large, we try to make navigating the pdf easier. we achieve this by adding folders that turn into bookmarks, and model links that turn into page links.

    but another thing we do is have the page names be more descriptive then just the page number, like what the page represents.

    for example (on the civil roadway side of things) a pset could have 50+ pages of just cross sections. when the people out in construction are looking through the pdf it could take some time to find the right page. So we make the page name contain the station ranges contained on each page. this way they can just look at the bookmarks and easily get to the right page.

    We achieve this via the rename of expression.

    just disappointing..ill be submitting a request