Big file print problem - new machine


When I try to plot a long sheet of paper my MicroStation crashes. I used to plot this all the time and then we updated my machine and now I cant figure this out. Other people in the office can print it on the same setup of machine (version, same comp. specs, etc..) (pdf) so it is possible. This happens with all of my big plots now and I don't know what to check or what to do. All the fonts look good, no missing references, and the imagery looks great. Nothing about the file has changed but this new rebuild of my computer doesn't want to spit out a print.

If there is any other information needed I'll be happy to let you know.

Computer specs:

Xeon 3.5Ghz

16.GB ram

QuadroK2200 Video Card

MicroStation Version: but doesn't work on any version, (multiple versions have been tried)

Thank you so much,